Thursday, April 02, 2009

An Unconvention and a new book about unassisted childbirth

I'm excited to announce that plans are in the works for an "UnConvention"! Featured speakers will include yours truly speaking about unassisted homebirth, Lee Stranahan speaking about unjobbing (earning a living without a job), and Sandra Dodd speaking about unschooling. Lee and Lauren Stranahan, the primary organizers, have put up a website and created an email list for those wishing to stay informed about this exciting event! I'd also encourage you to check out Lee and Sandra's personal websites.

I've only recently become aware of Sandra's wonderful work, but have "known" Lee and Lauren for several years. In addition to being unassisted birthers and unschoolers, Lee is also a writer, photographer and independent filmmaker. He recently quit his job as a graphic artist for NBC and is determined to earn a living doing what he loves. As a recent unjobber myself (in January I closed my nanny placement service), I'm especially interested in hearing what Lee has to say!

In other news, Veronika Robinson, publisher of The Mother magazine , has just released her fabulous new book - The Birthkeepers: Reclaiming an Ancient Tradition. I can't say enough good things about this book! Veronika's words are both soothing and inspiring, as are those of the women whose lovely birth stories are featured in the book. Since I'm not much of a reviewer, here is the "official" description:

"The Birthkeepers is a personal invitation to birthing with ecstasy. Veronika Robinson, editor of The Mother magazine, reveals the three secrets to easy, natural vaginal birth. Through examining childbirth history ~ our evolutionary blueprint ~ and reading stories from modern day birthkeepers, we can begin to reclaim an ancient birthing tradition, and make birth safe and sacred again. Despite a dominant birth culture and media images which portray birth as deeply traumatic, painful, deadly and dangerous, this isn't how evolution designed our entry into motherhood. How we give birth, and the experience we have, isn't just a matter of luck or having the best medical attendants. We can all choose to give birth in peace, painlessly, and with pleasure. This exploration of unobserved (unassisted) childbirth shows that what's good for the birthing mother, is also good for the baby arriving birthside. The Birthkeepers is the first UK book on unassisted childbirth."

In the next few weeks I'll be adding it to my bookstore but for now those wishing to buy it can send me $25.95 ($21.95 plus $4.00 postage) via Paypal - If you're in the UK I'd recommend buying it from Veronika directly.


Azrael said...

thank you!!

Alicia said...

I Am currenlty trying to concieve my 3rd and want it to be unassisted. ( I have a feeling I may be finding out I am). Anyway, if I do this I would like to help you (Laura) with the video recording of it to get it out there that this is what we are made for. There wasn't hospitals back int the hayday and we still had children born and some still living. It isn't irresponsiable to do what mother nature attended for us to do lol. I can see if you (the woman) thinks it is nessary for the child to be born with professionals around but, where did they learn all this information they learned it by us women giving birth it is our choice to bring life into thisword. I gave natural water birth w my 1st but in a hospital and the 2nd the gave my "problems and ended up w an epderal. (sp) THANKS, ALICIA I couldnt get yor email I didnt see an address to contact you on the awarness for others to see. :)Have a blessed day

Laura Shanley said...

Good luck, Alicia! If you click on "view my complete profile" at the top of this page you'll see my email address.