Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Homebirth on ABC's "20/20" Jan. 2nd

Jan. 2nd I will be speaking about unassisted childbirth on ABC TV's "20/20" as part of a segment on homebirth (both unassisted and midwife-assisted). There will also be segments on orgasmic birth and long-term breastfeeding. This week, several articles in connection with the program have been posted on the ABC news web site:

Unassisted childbirth and homebirth with midwives: Mothers-to-Be Saying No to Modern Medicine

Orgasmic birth: Labor Orgasms Called 'Best-Kept Secret'

Video about long-term breastfeeding: Extreme Breastfeeding

As usual, there will be negative comments from those who disapprove of these practices, but hopefully some truth will get through. If nothing else, it should get people talking!


The Thalman's said...

This is great. I recently started reading your blog. I am extremely interested in unassisted childbirth and I studied it extensively with my first pregnancy, although my child was born in a hospital setting. Thank you for all the information and encouragement. I hope more women can educate themselves on such wonderful topics!

Laura Shanley said...

You're welcome! Best of luck with your future births! (Please note the new air date for 20/20 - Jan. 2nd.)

THE PHONES said...

Excellent! I can't wait to see it!


dear laura. i used to email you via my yahoo email address. m trying to develop my own blog about vbac at home unassistedly. please give me your advices. btw, may i contribute my vbac homebirth stoty to one of your topic at your site (bornfree-unassisted childbrth) ? if you allowed me, which topic would you put my story in? thanking you deeply!
love and prayers+

Laura Shanley said...

I rarely add content to my site anymore but you can join my message board and post your story there. Links are at the top of all my pages. Thanks!