Monday, June 30, 2008

Breastfeeding on Tyra Banks July 3rd

Well, not on Tyra Banks, but on her show! My dear friend Veronika Robinson will be sharing her thoughts on "full term" breastfeeding (breastfeeding beyond infancy) on Tyra's show this Thursday. Nursing in public will also be discussed. From what I understand, it would probably be best to take a few deep breaths prior to watching the show. Not everyone agrees with Veronika's theories (although I certainly do). Here is the description of the show that's posted on Tyra's site:

“Motherhood Controversy”
With her audience filled with mothers, Tyra hosts a no-holds-barred conversation about the pressures they face today. Tyra speaks with a woman who defends her controversial decision to breastfeed her kids until they were 8 years old, and a woman who believes it is acceptable to breastfeed her children in public. Then a young woman explains her desire to be a stay-at-home wife and mother -- even though her own mother raised her to be a career woman. Next, emotions get heated when stay-at-home mothers debate working moms on who makes the better parent.

If you're not familiar with Veronika's work I'd encourage you to visit her web sites, The Mother Magazine and Veronika frequently speaks about full term breastfeeding, homebirth and attachment parenting on television and radio programs in the UK, but I believe this will be her first US appearance. She and her family were also featured in the UK documentary "Extraordinary Breastfeeding." Click here to watch a clip of this controversial program.

While the reaction from Tyra's guests (and perhaps from Tyra herself) may be less than positive, hopefully at least a little bit of truth will get through!


brianakraemer said...

Thursday, July 3, 2008, 5:30 PM PST


Would you please forward this comment to Veronika?

I am watching Tyra Bank's program even as I type this. Tyra is usually open-minded and kind to her guests. I don't think she is being either kind nor open-minded about this issue. I don't know why this is such a frightening issue for her, but I can only admire and respect Veronika's courage to follow her heart.

I hope Veronika does not feel too humilated by the viciousness of this audience. I am a forty-four year old male who has tried to follow my heart when it comes to living life fully and in harmony with nature. I think it takes tremendous courage to stand against the tide of ignorant, frightened, indignant people who are more concerned about what the crowd is shouting at any given moment than what all of nature is speaking throughout all time.

It is a sad reality that the greatest of all thinkers and doers have suffered at the hands of the booers and hissers. The greatest thinkers of all time, those who changed history like no others, have been ignored, laughed at, lied about, misrepresented, tortured, and even crucified.

I say, "Bravo, Veronika! Keep up your pursuit of wholeness and healing and a full life. I applaud you, but far more importantly, all of nature applauds you."

Laura Shanley said...

Wonderful comment! I forwarded it on to Veronika. I just watched the show and thought Veronika did a great job! She kept her composure in spite of the cruel and ignorant comments from some members of the audience (and Tyra in some cases). I was amazed that the audience applauded when one woman said she nursed 3 children and never once found it pleasurable. Why is that admirable?? I hope at least a few women learned something from watching the show. I certainly did.